The family

About me

Hello, I’m Alessandra. I'm in my 50's and was born close by, near to San Giustino in neighboring Umbria. I moved a few kilometers to this corner of Tuscany when I married. Here I discovered this lovely house with its surrounding countryside covered with roses and flowers.The house, which is owned by my husband's family was bought in the sixties along with 5 hectares of farmland. The whole extended family moved here; parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts. After a few years a new house was built in an adjacent field and the old building remained empty for a long time.I had been working in a stuffy office every day when I had the idea of transforming this wonderful place into an agriturismo. I would be working more outdoors together with Paolo, my father-in-law, who would manage the surrounding land.Today it is my son Alessandro who carries on his grandfather's work, and so our agriturismo continues.




The House

The. Large 15th century house was the summer residence of a nobl Venetian family,  the Marini, who were related to the family of Piero della Francesca. With it’s 4m high ceilings and thick stone walls it remains lovely and cool in the summer months.During the renovation we made some surprising discoveries such as terracotta coats of arms inserted into the walls and some blue decorative art made with the famous 15th century guado.In the adjacent cellar the the floor is made of enormous stone slabs while the eves are constructed with wooden beams and terracotta tiles. Under the washtub lies a stone carved with the face of who knows what character! The large, imposing fireplace bears a coat of arms though this unfortunately was damaged.


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